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Working at Sturdy

Working at Sturdy is different. You’ll be challenged to learn and inspired to perform at your best. You’ll be respected for being an individual and rewarded for being part of a winning team. Our management style is one of respect and integrity. We do things the right way, not the easy way. We don’t take shortcuts.


Sturdy was founded by people who have built, run and sold successful software startups. Our founding team has over 70 years of combined software and entrepreneurial experience. We currently have two offices; one in Boise, Idaho and another in Laramie, Wyoming (the Gem City of the Plains). Our goal is to bring rewarding, interesting and well-paying job opportunities to these areas as we grow.


Even though we are a startup we offer:

Fully-paid healthcare benefits for you and your family: medical, dental, vision

19 paid holidays

10 vacation days, plus 5 more in your 3rd and following years

Startup equity

Competitive pay


Two things you are probably wondering:
  1. No, you won’t be required to work the long hours that some startups like to brag about. We think working really long hours just makes people less efficient. Rest is good for the brain and good brains make good software.
  2. We are self-funded. We will likely seek funding in the future. We do not need it right now, or for the foreseeable future and we have plenty of runway.
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Engineering at Sturdy

At Sturdy, we are building a modern SaaS engineering environment – from scratch – to support our business vision of capturing all business communications and turning them into capital.  The engineering team has multiple focuses in this endeavor, but our top priority is always building a product that securely supports our customer’s needs and wants.

This is a greenfield engineering opportunity for the entire team to learn and build using the best, most modern, tools available.  Sturdy is a fully-containerized application. Every component of Sturdy is a container built within a services architecture. Security is a top priority at Sturdy.  We consider security everywhere from the beginning, rather than adding it at the end.

At Sturdy, we use current technologies in development, from Python for back-end services, to TypeScript and Angular to run our application’s front end.  We work in an agile process, though we don’t subscribe to a strict framework such as SCRUM, preferring to use processes that work most efficiently and practically for us.

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